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Woman using a tongue scraper to clean her tongue.

You Can’t Have a Clean Mouth Without a Clean Tongue

Do you brush and floss every day? Even if you think you have a flawless dental care routine, you may be missing an important step: cleaning your tongue. Bacteria in your mouth doesn’t only affect your teeth and gums. The same bacteria can be found on your tongue – top and bottom. To have a…

Teen girl at orthodontist getting braces.

3 Speech Problems that Orthodontic Treatment Can Help

If your child has a speech problem, you may want to make an appointment with an orthodontist along with a speech therapist. Orthodontics is a specialty within dentistry that focuses on correcting misalignments of the teeth and jaw and is proven to be an effective speech problem treatment.  A number of speech problems are caused…

teeth with retainer

Straight Talk: Which Retainer is Best for You After Braces?

Getting your braces off is a moment you’ll look forward to, no doubt about it! But it’s not the end of your orthodontic treatment – you’ll need to wear a retainer for a while to keep your teeth aligned. There are several types of retainers on the market today, so which is the best retainer…

girl puts clear aligner on teeth for orthodontic correction of bite isolated on white background

Teeth Grinding & Stress Can Damage Teeth, but Braces Can Help!

Sometimes, you just can’t get away from stress. And if you’re able to manage it during the day, it can rear its ugly head at night. Having trouble sleeping, or experiencing unpleasant dreams when you finally do get to sleep, are two common ways stress manifests itself at night. But another sleep-related symptom of stress…