Two-Phase Treatment Options for Kids with Braces

Phase One

If you think your child may need early orthodontic treatment, please schedule a complementary appointment with Dr. Andy. Dr. Andy will meet with you and your child to determine if he needs treatment.

Some children need earlier intervention than others. If this is the case for your child, let's get started now! Even if he still has his baby teeth, your child could be a candidate for Two-Phase orthodontic treatment.

What happens during Phase One?

It depends on your child's needs and overall diagnosis.

Sometimes braces are used during the first phase of treatment, and sometimes they are not. Other appliances, like expanders, headgear, or retainers, may or may not be used as well. Dr. Andy will discuss your child's specific requirements with you during your initial consultation.

Phase Two

Phase two takes place after your child has most or all of his permanent teeth. During the first phase, Dr. Andy works with your child to guide his jaw into proper alignment. Most patients require a second phase to complete their treatment. This second phase moves permanent teeth into their final positions, usually with the help of braces.

Our Goals for Your Child

Dr. Andy works toward these goals for your child's two-phase treatment:

  • Correct alignment of your child's teeth
  • Correct alignment of your child's jaws
  • Proper positioning of your child's teeth and jaws for a beautiful profile!