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Ever wonder, “How do braces work?” A magnifying glass close-up won’t reveal the answer. Read on for a better understanding.

How Do Braces Work to Improve Your Smile?

When someone says they are getting braces, you might envision a metallic smile or maybe even someone in headgear. You may know they will need to visit an orthodontist. You may even know someone with braces, or have even had them once yourself. Chances are you know a lot about braces, but how do braces…

A person with braces getting a braces check up at their orthodontist.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Your Regular Braces Check Up During Treatment

Everyone knows the importance of check ups throughout the year with your dentist. But the same goes for orthodontic visits during orthodontic treatment! A braces check up is part of the on-going process of correcting the position of your teeth. Skipping one could cause major problems.  What Happens at a Braces Check Up?  There are several reasons that you need to visit…

Girl with braces and painful expression holding her cheek from tooth pain.

The Shocking Truth: Why Biting Aluminum Foil Hurts Your Teeth

Have you ever accidentally chewed on aluminum foil, only to experience an immediate, sharp pain in your mouth? You’re not alone! It’s an unusual question, but one that we hear often: “why does biting aluminum foil hurt so bad?” The pain you felt is from called galvanic shock, and as you may already know, the…

Two boys running towards a soccer ball on a soccer field.

Mouth Guards for Braces

The new school year is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about school sports. While every sport has its own safety requirements, one of the most important precautions any athletes – young or old – should take is protecting their mouth. But for those working on getting a new…