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Yearly Archives: 2017

Woman with bad breath covering her mouth.

Avoid These Holiday Bad Breath Causes!

The holidays are known for three things: family, fun and food! If you have a holiday party around the corner or are visiting your family, expect to eat a variety of delicious treats. But remember that while you’re making small talk around the table, your holiday favorites could have left you with a bad case…

Woman using a tongue scraper to clean her tongue.

You Can’t Have a Clean Mouth Without a Clean Tongue

Do you brush and floss every day? Even if you think you have a flawless dental care routine, you may be missing an important step: cleaning your tongue. Bacteria in your mouth doesn’t only affect your teeth and gums. The same bacteria can be found on your tongue – top and bottom. To have a…

Girl with braces and painful expression holding her cheek from tooth pain.

The Shocking Truth: Why Biting Aluminum Foil Hurts Your Teeth

Have you ever accidentally chewed on aluminum foil, only to experience an immediate, sharp pain in your mouth? You’re not alone! It’s an unusual question, but one that we hear often: “why does biting aluminum foil hurt so bad?” The pain you felt is from called galvanic shock, and as you may already know, the…

Smiling woman holding an orthodontic retainer between her fingers.

Dr. Andy’s Guide to Properly Cleaning Retainers

The last major step in your orthodontic treatment is a retainer. After braces have readjusted the alignment of your teeth, retainers help keep them in place. They’re every bit as important as braces to give you the beautiful smile you want. It’s important to keep in mind that with retainers comes the responsibility of properly…