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3M Forus Appliance

Repositioning Teeth with the 3M Forsus Appliance

A malocclusion is a condition in which a patient’s teeth don’t fit together properly and can be caused by a misalignment of the teeth or a dispositioning of the jawbone. In some cases, the upper and lower molars fit together, but the lower molars are positioned further back, causing the chin to be drawn inwards. This is called a class II malocclusion. In the past, to help correct class II malocclusions, orthodontists often required patients to wear headgear. However, here at Dr. Andy’s office, we take a more tech-savvy approach to correcting this class of malocclusion by using a Forus Appliance.

Introducing the 3M Forsus Appliance

Gone are the days of getting made fun of for wearing headgear. At Dr. Andy’s office, we utilize the 3M Forsus Appliance to help reposition teeth and correct malocclusions in a quick and efficient manner. Moving molars requires a lot of force and can cause significant stress on the orthodontic appliance. The Forsus Appliance is a fatigue resistant device that utilizes coaxial springs to keep that stress to a minimum. Because of the enhanced fatigue resistance, patients who utilize the Forsus Appliance have fewer incidents of spring breakage, which reduces the need for spur-of-the-moment spring-replacement appointments. Patients love the Forsus Appliance because it eliminates the need to manually attach appliances like headgear and is quite comfortable to wear. As far as orthodontic technologies go, the Forus Appliance is one of the strongest, most reliable, and easy-to-use appliances available to correct class II malocclusions.

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