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Eating Sugar with Braces: Why It’s Best to Avoid Sugary Foods

Orthodontic treatment is a great way to get your teeth (and mouth) looking the best they can! But during treatment, it’s important to take care of your teeth just as you would normally, to avoid everything from cavities to cosmetic issues. Eating sugar with braces isn’t forbidden, but it’s something you should do in moderation.

Read on to learn more about eating sugar with braces and what the consequences could be if you don’t take care of your teeth!

What’s Wrong with Sugar, Anyway?

Sugars are practically impossible to avoid in our modern diets. Of course, they’re the primary ingredient in sweets, but they’ve also found a way to sneak into other foods and drinks! From yogurts to even foods marketed as “healthy” options, sugars are everywhere! If they’re so popular and common, what makes them troublesome for our health?

In reality, sugars aren’t inherently bad for us. The problem is, the same reason our body craves them – they can provide a lot of energy in a compact form – makes them ideal for bacteria that reside in our mouths! These bacteria use the sugars found in the foods and drinks you consume to fuel their own needs. And when they’ve digested the sugars, they leave behind waste that’s highly acidic. It wears through the enamel of your teeth, leaving them exposed to damage, cavities, and even more bacteria!

Why Is Sugar with Braces a Unique Concern?

When you eat sugar with braces the effects are largely the same, but there can be additional complications! The primary one is that it’s often a bit more challenging to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth with your new braces. Even if you only miss a tiny area, that’s all it takes for bacteria to thrive. They’ll continue to feed and generate waste, eventually turning into plaque that’s even more challenging to remove.

Braces are about creating a healthier mouth for your entire life – so it’s important not to let sugary foods detract from your ultimate goal of a happier, healthier you! The second issue is that the signs of bacteria in your mouth can be very tricky to spot during treatment. Eventually, your braces are going to come off and everyone will want to see your new, beautiful smile! Unfortunately, if you had bad luck dealing with the aftermath of constant sugar snacking, your braces may come off only to reveal spots in your teeth and a variety of cavities throughout your mouth. The last thing most kids want to do after finishing their braces treatment is hear that they need to go back to their dentist to have several fillings completed. The best way to avoid that is to take your oral health seriously and avoid sugary foods as much as you can during your treatment!

What Should You Avoid During Treatment?

If you want to avoid sugars with your braces, you’ll need to pay close attention to the foods and drinks you consume. Candy is an obvious one to avoid, but there are plenty of other foods to look closely at before you enjoy them:

  • Fruit juices
  • Sports drinks
  • Soda
  • Ice cream
  • White bread
  • Dried fruits
  • Cakes and confectionaries

You don’t necessarily need to avoid eating these types of things altogether. But moderation is important to reduce the exposure of sugar to your teeth.

Focus on Brushing & Flossing!

Whether or not you consume a lot of sugar with braces you’ll need to make the extra effort during your treatment to ensure you clean your teeth properly. It may be challenging to adjust your brushing and flossing habits to navigate around your braces, but it’s not impossible. If you feel like you’re having trouble, we can always help you with tips and recommendations for specialized oral care devices! We

want to make sure your treatment goes smoothly, and that you’re absolutely thrilled with the results when your braces finally come off!

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