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Back-to-School Hack: Braces Survival Kit

The new school year is in full swing! There’s a rush of excitement. You’re making new friends; you’ve got new classes and new teachers. But often times that excitement comes with anxiety, and if you wear braces, that’s just one more thing to stress about. But don’t worry! We’ve got an easy way to minimize the anxiety about your braces at school and help you have an awesome school year with our braces survival kit.

Braces Survival Kit

Carrying a braces survival kit with you to school means you’ll always have readily at hand, and in one place, what you need to take the best care of your teeth and braces. Keep it in your backpack or locker just like the rest of your essentials like your lunchbox and notebooks. There are a number of commercial kits available (you’ll find many online), or you can make your own. Whichever route you go, make sure your kit contains at least the following items.

Braces Essentials for Your Kit

  • Braces wax – Dental wax is a must-have for braces; you don’t want to be without it! Your braces may rub against and irritate your cheek, lips, or gums. The best way to treat this is by applying a little dental wax to your braces. This will protect the irritated area, help it heal, and prevent further discomfort.
  • Travel toothbrush and toothpaste – It’s especially important when you’re wearing braces to brush your teeth! Your braces create more surfaces where food and bacteria can hide. Having a toothbrush and toothpaste handy allows you to brush after every meal (or snack!).
  • Pocket mirror – Your new friends may clue you in when you have food particles stuck in your braces. If you make sure you’re always carrying a pocket mirror you don’t need to rely on them to tell you, you can check for yourself. Use the mirror after every brushing to make sure you did a thorough job, and save yourself the embarrassment of hearing from your friends that you didn’t!
  • Floss/dental pick – The best way to floss your teeth with braces is to use an orthodontic floss threader to thread the floss underneath the wire. You can also use a dental pick to dislodge food from under the hooks and between brackets.
  • Orthodontic rubber bands – If wearing rubber bands is part of your orthodontic treatment, make sure your kit contains plenty of extras for after lunch or snacks.

Extra Supplies for Your Braces Kit

  • Pain Reliever – Especially early in your treatment as your adjust, you may experience some minor discomfort with your braces. Having a safe, over-the-counter pain reliever can help like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Make sure to use according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and keep in mind that your school may not allow you to keep these in your locker without permission!
  • Retainer Case – Are you on the final stages of your orthodontic treatment? If so, you may need to consider adding a retainer case to your braces accessories kit. Of course, it’s better to keep your retainer in your mouth as directed by your orthodontist, but it’s handy to have somewhere to put it if you need to remove it for some reason.
  • Back-up Elastics – Elastics aren’t invincible and sometimes they can break. Having a sealable bag with backup elastics can help you keep your orthodontic treatment on the road to success instead of waiting until you get home or back to your ortho office.
  • Contact Information – Having questions about your braces is normal. Including the contact information for your orthodontist in your braces kit can be helpful to make sure you’re never without the ability to reach out and get the answers you need (or that your school’s health administration may need.)

Tips for Having Braces At School

Wearing braces at school can feel a bit intimidating at first, but with the right preparation and mindset, you can turn it into a positive experience. Here are some tips for wearing braces at school:

Regular Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth and braces after every meal. Food stuck in your braces can cause discomfort and potentially lead to oral health issues. If you can’t brush immediately after eating, at least rinse your mouth with water.

Pack Your Braces Survival Kit

Keep your braces survival kit handy at all times. It should include items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, orthodontic wax, a compact mirror, and a water bottle. You never know when you might need them.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water helps wash away food particles that may get stuck in your braces. A water bottle with a built-in straw can be especially useful.

Avoid Certain Foods

Certain foods can damage your braces or get stuck in them. Avoid hard, sticky, or crunchy foods like popcorn, chewing gum, caramel, hard candy, and nuts.

Use Orthodontic Wax

If your braces are causing discomfort or mouth sores, apply orthodontic wax to the troublesome spots. This can provide a barrier that protects your mouth tissues from irritation.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

Remember, braces are a common part of many people’s lives. If you’re feeling self-conscious, remind yourself that they’re a temporary step toward a beautiful, healthy smile.


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