Benefits of Dental Impressions with the 3M True Definition Scanner

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Benefits of Dental Impressions with the 3M True Definition Scanner


We are always striving to bring you the best in orthodontic care, and as part of our quest to provide you with the most innovative and painless procedures possible, we are excited to be a provider using 3M True Definition Scanner technology.  The 3M True Definition Scanner makes taking dental impressions easy and painless, giving you a far more comfortable experience.


Digital Dental Impressions Usage


While dental impressions are used for several procedures, including crowns and bridges, at our office, we utilize them solely in conjunction with the Incognito™ Appliance System and Invisalign ® Clear Aligners. This three-step system enables us to provide you with comfortable and discreet braces with virtually no discomfort.


The Downside of Traditional Dental Impressions


While traditional dental impressions are functional and effective, they do have a number of drawbacks. The process is messy and time consuming, and the time required in the chair can lead many patients to feeling anxious and afraid of the procedure. The materials needed to make the impressions are also rather unpleasant tasting, which can increase gag reflex issues in the patient. Unfortunately, the anxiety and inconvenience can keep some patients from getting the braces they need, which is where the brilliance of the 3M True Definition Scanner comes into play.


Why 3M True Definition Scanner Technology?


The benefits of the 3M True Definition Scanner technology are numerous, including ease and convenience. Some of the reasons our office and our patients love this digital impression process include:


  • Less Chair Time
  • No Mess
  • Pain-Free
  • No Distasteful Pastes
  • Less Patient Anxiety
  • Accurate Impressions
  • Reduced Impression Errors
  • Complete Scans Only Take 3-5 Minutes


When combined with the Incognito ™ Appliance and Invisalign ® systems, 3M True Definition Scanner Technology makes it possible for us to make the necessary impressions that lead to the most comfortable and visually appealing braces on the market. If you are your child are in need of braces, have no fear! Our process is quick, easy, and pain free, so contact us today and we’ll schedule you for an initial exam right away.




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