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Girl holding a watermelon after getting summer braces.

Why Summer is the Best Time to Get Braces for Your Child

While many parents are often concerned with what age their child should get braces, they should also consider which time of year is the best time to get braces for their child. No, braces don’t work differently in the summer versus the winter, but there are some advantages to getting braces after school lets out for summer break!

You Can Avoid School Interruptions

Orthodontic treatment works best when your child can make every appointment set by your orthodontist. Missing an appointment could mean setbacks to their progress or even minor braces pain! Your orthodontist uses these visits to make minor adjustments and answer important questions you or your child may have.

During the school year, your child will have plenty of scheduled activities like tests and sports, along with their regular day-to-day schooltime responsibilities. This can make scheduling an orthodontist appointment difficult for you and them.

Braces work to improve their health and self-image, but children often see them in a negative light when they haven’t had time to see the amazing results. The less cumbersome you can make the experience, the better it will be for everyone!

Because treatment usually takes many months, it’s unavoidable for your child to have scheduled appointments during the school year. But minimizing these interruptions can help them focus on their studies and extracurricular activities.

Your Child Can Acclimate More Comfortably

Another reason that summer is the best time to get braces is that it gives your child time to acclimate to this new experience. Braces have come a long way, and fears about extreme pain and discomfort are major exaggerations. However, there’s still a period after braces are first placed that can be uncomfortable while your child and their mouth get used to them.

The freedom of summer leaves your child plenty of time to adjust and identify issues before it would impact their school experience. If they have issues with pain or need several adjustments, it’s easiest early on if their schedule is more accommodating.

Most braces, with the exception of Invisalign, also impact your child’s dental care routine. In addition to brushing their teeth, they need to properly care for the braces and ensure they’re cleaning their teeth or gums thoroughly. It’ll be easier for you to oversee their new routine when you aren’t trying to rush them off to school every morning!

Children are extremely adaptable! Even if your child hates the idea of braces, it usually doesn’t take long before they become just another part of their daily life. Having all the time that summer offers can make it easier to reach this point.

Minimize Stress

As an adult, it’s easy to forget how stressful school is for a child of any age. Whether it’s kindergarten or high school, there’s plenty to get worked up about. While getting a B+ instead of an A on a test may seem like a minor hiccup to you, it could feel like the world is crumbling to them!

Major changes like new braces can introduce even more stress into their lives. On top of social events, homework, tests, grades, sports and other events, adding braces can make an overwhelming school life even more difficult.

New braces and stress can sometimes even cause mouth sores! While they’re rarely a serious risk, its potential to compound your child’s stress and make it more difficult to acclimate to braces can add unnecessary challenges to both of your lives.

Improve Their Smile for the Upcoming School Year

Even if your child gets braces immediately after the last day of school, it’s unlikely their treatment will be complete by the time the next school year rolls around. However, orthodontic treatment has consistent progress throughout their scheduled timeframe. While their smile may not be perfect for the next school year, it will be better. In many cases, significantly better!

Not only will they have had time to adjust, but your child can often start the new school year with more confidence than they’ve ever had before. That confidence can translate to improved grades, a more fulfilling social life and the general happiness that you always want for your children.

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