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Young woman smiling with metal braces on her teeth

5 Myths & Fun Facts About Braces

When you think of “fun,” braces may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, like any invention, braces have an interesting history that spans the ages. Even in just the last few decades, new developments in technology have changed orthodontic braces forever. Check out some of the most interesting facts about braces,…

Woman putting orthodontic clear braces on her teeth

Learn the Pros and Cons of Alternative Types of Braces

Finding out that you need braces likely isn’t at the top of anyone’s wish list. Despite the health and cosmetic benefits of braces, they tend to get a bad reputation. When you think about braces, you probably think of the classic metal design. But did you know there are several types of braces available to…

A person smiling while wearing their retainer after braces treatment.

Straight Talk: Which Retainer is Best for You After Braces?

Getting your braces off is a moment you’ll look forward to, no doubt about it! But it’s not the end of your orthodontic treatment – you’ll need to wear a retainer for a while to keep your teeth aligned. There are several types of retainers on the market today, so which is the best retainer…

girl puts clear aligner on teeth for orthodontic correction of bite isolated on white background

Teeth Grinding & Stress Can Damage Teeth, but Braces Can Help!

Sometimes, you just can’t get away from stress. And if you’re able to manage it during the day, it can rear its ugly head at night. Having trouble sleeping, or experiencing unpleasant dreams when you finally do get to sleep, are two common ways stress manifests itself at night. But another sleep-related symptom of stress…