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Girl at dentist might need braces

Why Your Child May Need Braces at a Young Age

It comes as a surprise to many parents that we recommend that kids first see the orthodontist around the age of seven. Often, people think that kids don’t need braces until all or most of their permanent teeth have grown in. While this is typically the case, there are always some younger kids who require braces.

Two-Phase Treatment Might Be Right If You Need Braces

One of the latest trends in orthodontics is two-phase treatment for kids who have especially problematic tooth alignment at an early age. Some children require earlier intervention than others, particularly if they have severely protruding teeth, a misaligned bite, over-crowding, a narrow jaw, or other structural problems. These skeletal issues tend to be easier to correct at a younger age. Today, orthodontics isn’t just about getting straight teeth – the process aims to correct underlying issues that may cause crooked teeth.

During phase one of treatment, the orthodontist will work to correct the structure of the mouth. Braces are placed on the permanent teeth that have already grown in and can be used in addition to other appliances such as expanders, headgear, and retainers. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive to get braces at a young age, in the end, the treatment will pave the road for a quicker and smoother orthodontic experience in phase two.

In phase two treatment, when all of the permanent teeth have grown in, the goal of the orthodontic treatment will be to perfect the teeth. Since the tough-to-correct alignment issues were addressed in phase one, phase two treatment aims to move the teeth into their final, permanent positions. Once the braces are removed, the patient must wear a retainer to ensure that the teeth remain in their proper positions!

Information on Types of Braces

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