A child with bad dental habits drinking a sugary soda.

Bad Dental Habits for Children that Impact Their Oral Health

Dental health habits are best formed early on. Proper dental care is critical to ensure safe and healthy growth of teeth and supporting bone in and around the mouth. However, many children have bad dental habits that either they or their parents should avoid. Learn about these damaging habits and the effects they can have…

Smiling orthodontic patient with new braces

Tips for New Braces to Help You Achieve Your Perfect Smile!

New braces can be an exciting and stressful time for any child or adult. A future of a more beautiful smile and better oral health can be hard to think about as you get adjusted to this new experience. Read on to learn tips for new braces and how to avoid common issues or concerns….

A smiling woman placing an Invisalign aligner in her mouth.

Does Having Straight Teeth Matter?

It’s common for children or even adults to see braces and orthodontic treatment as a purely cosmetic process. While it’s true that braces can give you a great smile, they do even more by preventing minor to severe issues for your oral health. The next time you wonder “Does having straight teeth matter,” consider these…

A man holding his hands over his mouth.

The DIY Braces Trend Can Cause Permanent Damage to Your Teeth!

Unlike many of the harmless fads that spread online, the DIY braces trend that has gained popularity in schools across the country can have serious ramifications. This trend involves teenagers or adults using tools and other devices to fashion their own braces. Whether they have legitimate orthodontic needs, or are trying to correct a perceived…