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young girl smiling with braces | Doctor Andy

Back-to-School Hack: Braces Survival Kit

The new school year is in full swing! There’s a rush of excitement. You’re making new friends; you’ve got new classes and new teachers. But often times that excitement comes with anxiety, and if you wear braces, that’s just one more thing to stress about. But don’t worry! We’ve got an easy way to minimize…

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Young girl shows off her smile with braces holding books in front of a school locker. Other children are in the background.

School Pictures Are Coming! Should You Smile with Braces?

It’s a new school year, and you’ve got a whole new smile – thanks to your braces. Now the big question: Should you smile with braces in your school pictures? The answer is: Absolutely! Never miss a chance to show off your great smile! Trust us – whether or not you think your school pictures…

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