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An adult with crooked teeth correcting them through orthodontic treatment

FAQs About Adults with Crooked Teeth

Braces aren’t just for kids – and the statistics prove it! Approximately a quarter of all orthodontic patients today are over the age of 21. If you’re one of the millions of American adults with crooked teeth then there’s no reason you can’t find the smile you’ve dreamed of since you were young!

Read on to learn more about the best solutions for adults with crooked teeth and why you shouldn’t hesitate to schedule your appointment for orthodontic treatment no matter your age!

Why Are More Adults Getting Braces Today Than Before?

The significant increase in adults getting braces has been a positive force for dental and overall health in recent years. But what’s causing it? After all, adults with crooked teeth have historically ignored the problem even as orthodontic technology has improved. So what’s changed? There are two major factors:

Better Options for Crooked Teeth

The number one motivation that’s been driving an increase in adult orthodontic treatment is likely the increase in options for treatment. For adults with crooked teeth, the idea of getting traditional metal braces may have seemed extreme or problematic for their career and lifestyle.

But today? With options like Incognito braces or Invisalign, where you can fix issues with tooth alignment subtly, it no longer seems like such a big deal! And it’s true – adults are turning to solutions for crossbites, underbites, or overbites like Invisalign to finally achieve the smile they thought they’d missed out on.

The Stigma Is Gone

It’s a silly thing, but people of all ages sometimes worry about the “stigma” of having braces. Children were especially affected by it, but adults can be too! Especially as you try to advance through a challenging and social career, the idea of showing up to work with metal braces was something that many adults saw as a non-starter.

But today, you can see adults with braces all over the place. Friends, family, and even big name celebrities are happy to show off their braces! It just makes sense – who wouldn’t be excited to share their steps taken towards improving their smile and quality of life?

If you were concerned about the social side of getting braces as an adult, worry no more! Whether you choose an option like Invisalign or traditional metal braces, the only thing that’s guaranteed to happen is a healthier you.

Why Should Adults With Crooked Teeth Get Treatment?

The reasons your dentist or orthodontist might recommend you to get braces, even as an adult, are the same as for children. Orthodontic treatment offers you significant improvements to everything from the appearance of your smile to the health of your mouth and even your long-term health.

Prevent Worsening Dental Issues

Malocclusions in the mouth aren’t just an issue of aesthetics. Crossbites, crowded teeth and other issues can spur serious dental problems that may affect your overall health in the short or long term. For instance, people with crowded teeth often have surfaces in their mouth that are too difficult for normal brushing and flossing to reach. That means cavity and decay can set in easier, often lasting longer too! Over the years, this can mean an excessive amount of reactive treatments like fillings or crowns.

Orthodontic treatment can fix the cause, preventing you from needing so much dental work down the road! That means braces are even likely to save you money by preventing other dental issues from reoccurring throughout your life.

Better Smile

It’s no secret that a flawless smile is something that most people desire. It makes you feel better about yourself and can even inspire confidence in your personal or professional life! Crooked teeth for adults can be something that holds you back from living life to its fullest – even if it just means hiding your smile and avoiding the camera at every group outing.

Getting braces now doesn’t mean you missed out – it means you’re finally taking the steps to improve your teeth and change your life for the better. At 14 or 40, it’s still a great idea to get a smile you’re proud to share.

What Age Does Orthodontic Treatment Stop Making Sense?

This is a common question we hear from people of any age – even those in their early 20s. There’s a misconception that, because you didn’t receive treatment as a child or teen, you’ve missed out on the chance to correct an issue and you just have to live with it.

The reality is… there’s no wrong age for orthodontic treatment. Even those living in their golden years may benefit from orthodontic treatment. That’s not to say there aren’t certain conditions or considerations that may make it not worth it.

If your mouth is perfectly healthy outside of alignment issues, there’s nothing holding you back from getting the treatment you’ve always wanted. But if you have on-going issues such as periodontal disease, missing teeth, or other major dental conditions, your mouth may not be able to tolerate the forces that braces or aligners put on your teeth. This is something your orthodontist can identify and explain to you.

So, if you think you’re ready for treatment, it’s best to schedule an appointment and see what they have to say! You may be surprised!


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