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Find Braces Safe Candy for Your Children This Halloween!

Life with braces is easy when you know the tricks! But when it comes to treats… it’s important to be careful! October means Halloween, and traditionally is a month where children are expecting to enjoy a lot of candy and special treats. Finding braces safe candy can be a challenge, so we want to make it a bit easier for you.

Read on to learn tips for finding candy safe for braces and helping your child enjoy this October to the fullest!

Why Is Some Candy Unsafe for Braces?

Traditional metal braces and ceramic braces may seem rugged, but they’re designed to be very precise. That means they can be more delicate than you might imagine – and susceptible to damage which could require you to make an emergency visit to your orthodontist to clear up.

Many types of foods, including candy, have qualities that make them hazardous for anyone wearing braces. These come in a few categories, and include things like:

Sticky Candy

Caramels to taffy are types of food that are easy to identify as “sticky foods.” These candies are fun to chew on and a favorite of anyone young or old. But when you’re wearing braces, this stickiness is a danger to the form and function of your orthodontic appliance.

For starters, the last thing your child wants is to get sticky food trapped along their brackets, wires, or between their teeth. It can be hard enough to clean from a mouth without braces, let alone when they’re first learning to adjust their oral care to their new braces.

More importantly, this stickiness could affect the function of their braces. If a food sticky enough to pull on the wires or brackets causes braces to loosen, it will reduce their effectiveness. In severe cases, it could even cause pain or discomfort if their braces are pulled into a position where they’re applying force in an unexpected (and unintended) way.

Hard Candies

Candies like lollipops, Jolly Ranchers, or other hard treats are another favorite that gets passed around on Halloween. These may seem harmless since they tend to be dissolved in the mouth instead of crunched on, but even in those cases, they can be a problem.

Biting down on a hard candy, whether it’s intended to be or not, puts stress on the teeth and could potentially disconnect wires or brackets. This is the kind of issue that would require a quick trip to the orthodontist to get sorted out, and could really hamper your Halloween night enjoyment.

Hard candies are also more likely to shift around in the mouth while children enjoy them, potentially pushing against their braces in ways the braces weren’t meant to experience.

What Candies Are Safe for Braces?

When parents are trying to determine the best braces safe candy to give their children, it can feel like a bit of a minefield. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there, and most of them are favorites for children of most ages. When thinking about candies for your child, look towards options such as:

Soft Chocolate – Anything from a chocolate bar to Hershey’s kisses are fair game for most children with braces. Some chocolate bars may come with fillings that disqualify them, like sticky caramels. Make sure to look for straight-forward chocolate candies to avoid the risk!

Sugar Sticks – While not the healthiest option, sugar sticks (like Pixy Stix) are definitely safe for braces. Just make sure your children enjoy these in moderation; they’re easy to overdo!

Peanut Butter Cups – Peanut butter in candy is rarely sticky enough of an issue to be a risk. That makes most of the peanut butter and chocolate candies a popular option for braces safe candy.

Baked Goods – Cookies and other baked goods are also a good alternative to candy for Halloween. If you’re trying to be braces-friendly this season, consider single-serve packages of cookies or similar treats instead of traditional candy options!

Preparing for a Fun Halloween

If you plan to trick or treat this year or attend a similar, smaller event, you won’t have control over what other families provide for your child. That means they’re likely to end up with a bag full of treats that may not be good for them to eat. Instead of simply telling them they can’t enjoy their candy, one great option is to be prepared with alternatives to “trade” for their candy. This lets them get candies that are safe for their braces, without having to feel like they can’t participate with their friends for Halloween treats!

You could also look towards other seasonal options, like apple cider, gelatin treats, or other homemade goods. Ultimately, your child will probably be happy with any sweets, and you’ll be happier knowing their healthier smile stays on track.

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