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LightForce Braces in Parma, OH – A Modern Way to a Healthy Smile

Being happy with your smile doesn’t come easy to everyone. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment is there to help “fill in the gaps” when it comes to misaligned teeth. And like all medicine, orthodontic treatment is always growing to find better ways to help improve your health! When you meet with Dr. Andy in Parma, OH, you may be a good candidate for our latest braces technology – LightForce Braces.

Read on to learn more about this exciting new braces technology and how it can help you achieve a smile you want to share!

What are LightForce Braces?

With the development of modern 3D imaging technology, LightForce braces are the newest way that orthodontists can bring your treatment to the forefront of digital medicine. The core of LightForce Ceramic Braces is a specialized 3D planning and printing technology that allows Dr. Andy to create the perfect fitting set of brackets for any patient.

This new system of planning and producing your braces means the process is quicker, your braces will be more comfortable, and the treatment process will be more efficient. The precise modeling technology makes it easier for us to provide you with a perfect-fitting set of braces, designed to match each of your individual teeth!

The real magic of LightForce braces is its customizability. While all braces are fit to your teeth based on your unique smile, most traditional braces are made in bulk and adjusted for your teeth. LightForce gives Dr. Andy the ability to customize everything from the brackets to the wires based on precise models of your teeth for the truest custom experience.

How Do LightForce Braces Work?

Digital Impressions Instead of Plaster & Goo

Many dental procedures from crowns to braces rely on plaster and physical impressions to let the lab workers or orthodontists be accurate when treating your teeth. Unfortunately, getting these impressions can be uncomfortable for you.

With LightForce Braces, impressions are captured with a properitery 3D scanner. This imaging process captures every minute detail of your teeth. No more gooey impression setting against your teeth!

Digitized Planning

Because the model of your teeth is instantly digitized, the process of planning your treatment can also be done more easily through the computer software. Virtual treatment planning gives Dr. Andy more tools and precision when it comes to your unique treatment. It also makes it easy for us to track your progress and make adjustments down the road!

3D Printed Brackets

You may have heard of 3D printing technology. It’s a modern marvel that does just as it says – it lets you “print” physical, 3D objects from a computer model. LightForce braces uses a special 3D printing technology that incorporates 100% polycrystalline alumina to create sturdy braces for you on an as-needed basis.

That means it’s easier than ever for us to prepare your physical braces when we’re sure your treatment plan is ready to start! And the final look of each bracket is subtle, designed to blend in with your teeth as naturally as possible.

Trusted Ceramic Efficacy

Despite all the new technology that makes LightForce braces easier to prepare and plan, they still work using the tried-and-true method of orthodontic treatment that orthodontists have trusted for decades. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of ceramic braces, with the additional benefits of improved comfort from start to finish.

Can Any Patient Choose LightForce Braces?

The right treatment plan is the right treatment plan for you. That means everyone will have a different experience once you’ve been examined and Dr. Andy determines the best course of action for you.

Almost any patient who is deemed safe for braces will be a good candidate for LightForce braces. That means if you were going to go with traditional metal braces or ceramic braces anyway, LightForce can be a good option for you! That includes teens, adults, or seniors who may think they’re otherwise too old for braces!

Most issues that may hold you back from LightForce braces would be issues that hold back general treatment, such as severe bone loss or other risk factors that may make your mouth too vulnerable for treatment.

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