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Race Your Way to a New You: Tips to Speed Up Your Orthodontic Treatment

The new year is fast approaching, and we’re all making resolutions to improve our lives and to improve the lives of others. Although these resolutions are quite admirable, the excitement of the new year quickly dies down and along with it, our determination to meet our 2016 goals. Dr. Andy has a resolution you can actually keep in 2016: speed up your orthodontic treatment!

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Resolve to Get Those Braces Off!

Speeding up your orthodontic treatment may sound like an impossible task, but it is much easier than, say, losing 15 pounds or donating 10% of your income to charity this year. By following the at-home care instructions from your orthodontist, you can race your way towards your new smile! Here are the most common ways to speed up your orthodontic treatment:

  1. Wear that headgear every single night!
  2. Wear those rubber bands 24/7, and replace them after every meal!
  3. Don’t chew on those nails, pens, or whatever else you find laying around!
  4. Avoid hard and sticky foods!

If you find that you’ve forgotten to wear your headgear, left your rubber bands at home, accidently chewed up your pencil during finals, or couldn’t resist that candy cane…don’t worry! No one is perfect. Try your best to follow the guidelines above and you’ll be on your way to a quick new smile!

AcceleDent Aura

If you’re really in a hurry, Dr. Andy offers one of the most innovative product to speed up your orthodontic treatment; The AcceleDent Aura. This hands-free, FDA-approved vibrating mouthpiece is used for just 20 minutes a day and can cut your treatment period in half! Thousands of patients from Dr. Andy’s office and across the nation have seen great success using AcceleDent Aura, and you can, too!


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