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Smiling Girl Wearing Braces

Top 5 Perks of Wearing Braces

Getting braces as a young adult is a new experience and like all new things, it can be scary for some people. You may have to adjust your eating and brushing habits, and yes, braces will temporarily change your appearance, but there a lot of things to love about wearing braces!

Which Perk of Wearing Braces is Your Favorite?

Whether bonding with friends is metal-selfies or eating your favorite meal, braces can be fun!

  1. It’s a rite of passage – Back in the day, wearing braces kind of had a bad rap. But, oh how the tables have turned! Today, we have so many patients who can’t wait to get braces because it’s a sign of growing up. Wearing braces is cool!
  2. You can match your bands to your personality – What’s so cool about today’s braces is the ability to customize them for your unique personality. Every time you come in for an appointment at Dr. Andy’s office, you get to choose new band colors to hold your wires in place. Got the holiday spirit? Want to support your school team by sporting their colors? No problem! We have more than 40 different band colors for you to choose from!
  3. You still get to eat yummy food – There’s no sense in getting down-in-the-dumps because you can’t eat certain foods like popcorn or apples while you’re wearing braces. Instead, just make a few substitutions! Snack on some air-popped chips or mow down on some applesauce. There is an abundance of delicious, softer foods available for you to eat while you wear braces.
  4. You’re not alone! – More than four million people wear braces, according to Humana. People of all ages wear braces to straighten their teeth and correct their bite. Even celebrities get braces to perfect their grins! Check out these famous faces with braces.
  5. You’re on your way to having a stunning smile – The best part about wearing braces is knowing that as soon as they’re off, your teeth will be straight, beautiful, and healthy. Not too far in your future, your smile will be the talk of the school!

Why do you love wearing braces? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!


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