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Are braces necessary for medical reasons?

Are Braces Necessary for Medical Reasons?

Braces are an investment in your son or daughter’s smile, and not necessarily an inexpensive one. Many parents ask us if there is a medical reason that make braces necessary, understandably to help justify the cost. Within the field of orthodontics, there is actually a lot of controversy regarding the boundaries between a cosmetic and medical need for braces. In this article, Dr. Andy in Parma, OH (just outside of Cleveland) helps clarify when braces are necessary for medical reasons.

Have You Asked, “Are Braces Necessary?”

In many cases, the need for braces is purely cosmetic – orthodontic treatment makes the teeth straighter, and ultimately more attractive. However, in almost every case, braces will also improve the health of a child’s mouth.

There really is a fine line between whether braces are necessary for medical or cosmetic reasons. So, when parents ask us “are braces necessary?”, it’s not quite as simple as a yes or no answer. Many factors contribute to the need for straighter teeth.

While it’s true that orthodontic treatment definitely makes a person’s smile more appealing, in severe cases of misalignment, braces can also help to eliminate pain from a person’s jaw and teeth. If the teeth don’t line up correctly, it could force the jaw to close in an unnatural position, which could lead to discomfort and potentially problems with the jaw joint.

Additionally, straight teeth are much easier to keep clean and cavity-free than crooked, overlapping teeth. The more surface that you can brush and floss, the better chances you have of removing all bacteria and maintaining a healthy smile. And any dentist will tell you that a healthy smile leads to a healthier life overall!

It’s important to keep in mind, too, that the teeth are easier to move at a younger age, before the teeth settle into their permanent positions in adulthood. If you can envision your child opting for orthodontic treatment later in life, it may be a more efficient decision to get braces early-on, when they will be most effective.

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