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Primary Crooked Teeth Causes & The Best Treatment Options

Are you wearing braces to straighten your teeth? Have you wondered what caused your crooked teeth in the first place? It could be one of many reasons, actually! Not every cause can be prevented, either! Learn about the most common crooked teeth causes and what you can do to stop or treat them.

Common Crooked Teeth Causes


Your family history is one of the most referenced indicators for potential health issues in your life. Your oral health is no different! It’s common for parents who have had crooked teeth, misaligned jaws or other issues leading to poor tooth alignment to have children with the same issue.

If this is the case, there’s little you can do to prevent the underlying cause of crooked teeth. However, genetic misalignment of the teeth is one of the reasons that dentists and orthodontists recommend orthodontic treatment starting as young as age seven.

Thumb Sucking

Sucking your thumb as a child is common. However, once your child begins growing in their permanent teeth, it’s critical that you put a stop to it. The pressure from chronic thumb sucking can misalign teeth, leading to a lifetime of issues with their bite and even the formation of the roof of their mouth.

This bad childhood habit is an easily preventable cause of non-genetic misalignment in teeth. Do whatever you can to stop it early to help your child keep their mouth healthy!

Missing Teeth

Losing your baby teeth is normal – but if you lose one of your permanent teeth, it can become a big issue! Your teeth rely on each other to help maintain their position in your mouth.

When a tooth is lost, the remaining teeth will begin to “drift” to fill the gap. This drifting will alter your bite and will likely lead to crooked teeth.

If you lose a tooth due to injury or decay, don’t wait to visit your dentist! There are a few different options to handle the replacement of a lost tooth, and these steps will help keep your oral health from deteriorating.

Improper Dental Restorations

Not every dental restoration procedure goes perfectly. Sometimes a crown or bridge doesn’t quite fit as expected. If you notice pain or discomfort with your bite after a restoration, it’s time to schedule another dentist visit!

Poorly-fitted restorations can apply force to the surrounding teeth, pushing them out of place and negatively affecting your bite. Over time, this force can be a cause of crooked teeth – which will require orthodontic intervention to fix!

Not Using Your Retainer After Treatment

There can be a feeling of finality to having your braces removed after months or years of orthodontic treatment. But the day your braces come off isn’t the last day of your treatment!

The retainer you’re given after the removal of your braces is just as critical as the braces were! If you ignore it, your teeth will start to drift back to their original position. You can undo almost all the progress you made during your treatment.

Wear your retainer – or you may have to restart your entire treatment again!

Solution for Crooked Teeth

Almost everyone is a candidate for at least one type of orthodontic treatment. While most teens and even adults think of traditional metal braces when they think of orthodontics, there are plenty of options available today:

Invisalign – These clear aligners are perfect for fixing less severe cases of misaligned teeth. They’re removable, practically invisible and they work wonderfully for adults too!

Ceramic Braces – As opposed to metal braces, ceramic braces have a more natural color and can blend in with your mouth. They work the same as metal braces but will offer you a bit more subtlety to your treatment process.

Hidden” Braces – If you’re concerned about appearance but aren’t a good candidate for Invisalign, you can have Incognito braces that are placed behind your teeth instead of in front. They’ll stay hidden behind your teeth and be essentially impossible to see without examining your mouth closely.

Orthodontic Treatment Can Start Very Early

Two-phase orthodontic treatment can start as young as age seven. If your child has crooked teeth, don’t delay in bringing them in for a consultation. The sooner their misaligned teeth are corrected, the better their overall health outcome will be.

Crooked teeth cause more problems than aesthetic ones. They also create environments that allow for bacteria to thrive in hard-to-reach areas and can even impact the growth of bone in the mouth. Early intervention will reduce or even prevent these issues completely!

Information on Types of Braces

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