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Speed Up Your Orthodontic Treatment with these Tips

Millennials have been dubbed the most impatient generation. And with everything, especially technology, moving in super speed, who’s to blame them? One of the most common questions our patients ask us is “When will I get my braces off?” That’s a tough question to answer because it really depends on a lot of factors that we can’t necessarily predict. However, we’ve put together a few tips to help ensure that you are able to speed up your orthodontic treatment and get your braces off as quickly as possible!

Take Our Orthodontic Treatment Advice!

Forgot to wear your headgear one night? Left your rubber bands at home on accident? No one is perfect! We know it can be tough to remember to follow all of our advice, but by following our directions, it will definitely speed up your orthodontic treatment. If Dr. Andy recommends that you wear headgear every night until your next appointment, it’s not because he doesn’t like you, it’s because it will help straighten your teeth and speed up your treatment! In any situation where your orthodontist gives you at-home care instructions, please be sure to follow them – we only have your best interest in mind!

It’s also important to avoid sticky, difficult-to-eat foods. has compiled a comprehensive list of foods to avoid while wearing braces. When eaten, these foods can dislodge brackets and loosen wires. Every time your braces need repair, you add to the amount of time you will need to wear your braces. Avoid “danger” foods to help speed up your orthodontic treatment!

AcceleDent Aura

At Andrew W. Skorobatckyj, DDS, we offer one of the most innovative products in orthodontics. The AcceleDent Aura is a vibrating mouthpiece that, when used for 20 minutes a day, can straighten teeth up to 50% faster. Each patient’s experience is unique and results will vary from case-to-case, but in general, AcceleDent Aura is a great option for those less-than-patient patients!

Information on Types of Braces

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